YUNGANG GROTTOES - ยุหวินกัง ถ้ำผาแห่งพุทธะ (SUB ENG.)

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Yungang Grottoes, the Buddhis caves, is a tourist attraction that contains over 252 major and minor caves. There are more than 51,000 Buddha statues in those caves. It is a great example of the golden era of Buddhism during the 5th and the 6th Century. Yungang Grottoes is located in the city of Datong, Shanxi Province. It is one of the best three cave arts in China, which are Mogao Caves, Longmen Grottoes and Yungang Grottoes. The spectacular scenery, the beauty of nature and the Chinese traditional arts made Yungang Grottoes a UNESCO’s world heritage site in 2001.