GARDENS BY THE BAY IN SINGAPORE - การ์เด้นบายเดอะเบย์แดนพฤกษาในเกาะสิงคโปร์ (SUB ENG.)

03.04.2561 | 599 views

Gardens by the Bay, botanical wonderland in Singapore, is part of “City in Garden” project. The sea around Marina Bay was filled up to create a 101-hectare garden. It reflects the greatness and the advancement of Singapore. Gardens by the Bay is divided into 3 parts, the central garden, the east garden and the south garden, which is the main attraction. The iconic spot of the garden is “Supertree”. It is a steel frame in the shape of a tree. Each Supertree is around 25-50 meters tall, which equals 9 to16-storey building. There are 18 of them. Garden by the Bay was designed to be a vertical garden covered by tropical ivies. Furthermore, at night, the garden is lit up by a beautiful lighting.